1. The Road Easy

From the recording The Road Easy

I wrote this in my tiny, scary little apartment in North Philadelphia in 1996 and later recorded it in los Angeles. It won a songwriting award hosted by The Nashville Songwriters Association International and CMT in 2004 and I still remember writing this song from start to finish in about an hour! That rarely happens but I got lucky with this one.
It was released on "Lost in my Head" a CD that is no longer in print but can be found on ITUNES.


The Road Easy © 1996 nicole gordon

When we were young, it wasn’t so long ago
The dreams we shared, oh the places we’d go
But you’ve changed, there’s someone new
And you claim that what we had is through

But I can hear you, through the walls every night
And I can see you, I see right through your eyes
And I can feel you, you next to me
But I can’t have you, you chose the Road Easy

You’re new life, it seems so strange to me
She wants to be your wife, and you’ll raise a family
What about your dream, to be a big star
To be with me, did it get too hard


It’s still so hard to believe the man that you’ve become
There once was a time we were so close we were one
But maybe love does that to you
Maybe love changed your mind
If you’re happy I’ll say I’m happy for you
I hope that love didn’t make you blind