From the recording Got the car running

Marty and I met at a songwriting group and were paired to co-write. We wrote this song and then a full CD's worth now know as "Songs of Shiloh".
We still write and play live shows today~


Got the Car Running

Got an old, I'm talking old Ford pick-up
Every day off I'm working on her
Spend all my tips at the east side junk yard
Finally found that carburetor

Got to get this damn fuel pump working
Before I go inside and get to bed
He's calling me in and he means now
If I ever have to leave him again

I got the car running
Rebuilt the transmission
Four good tires, a spare below
Slam the hood, ready to roll
Hope I never have to go
I got the car running

On our first date, he brought flowers
And not just that one time either
He'd walk me home when I worked late hours
Said he'd never been with anyone sweeter

Life has taken a toll on him
Disappointments and ex-best friends
I wish he'd let me make him feel better
But if he ever takes it out on me again