1. Down Down

From the recording Down Down

one of my favorite songs to sing!!!
Was released on "Long Time" -available on ITUNES and CD BABY.com


Down down

©Jamie Rounds

My my do tell
Tired of waiting at the wishing well
Find that gypsy cast a spell gotta have him for my own

John John the conqueroo
I find myself in need of you
I’ll do whatever you tell me to
Gotta have him for my own

Down down bring it down
Send his love my way
Only turn his eyes to me and I’ll do whatever you say
Yes I’ll do just what you say

He said Wrap this root in a 2$ bill
Carry it up to whisky hill when you hear the whippoorwill
Bury it in the ground

When that ground begins to shake it’ll be the end of your heartache
Mademoiselle his reserve will break and you’ll have him fro your own

Lemon grass van van oil
Bubbling up in a magic boil
Heart and soul trouble and toil now he is your own

But if you ever change your mind
Don’t forsake your valentine
All the fires of hell will shine
And you’ll have him for your own