1. Bittersweet

From the recording Bittersweet

Johnny and I wrote this together and also recorded it a few different times!
This is the version that was released on "All my change" -another favorite to sing live~


Bittersweet © nicole gordon & Johnny Hawthorn

One heart beat was looking left externally they never met
What was a dream walked on my path
I never looked back

Three years I grieve the sand hath sunk
Fallen dreams and a messed up kind of love
It’s taken me this long to see it was no jump

in the time and the space where we used to breathe
There were times when I knew that I should just leave
then again say amen to bittersweet

Memories will always be
Time and space grant clarity a single beat a solo heart
valued most


Lying and loving it’s worth undercoving
Cause it will only eat away
what was good is gone and now were left alone