Nicole Gordon


"Nicole has an amazing and unique voice that is at once passionate and strong, vulnerable and intimate. As often as I write music, I hear her voice as an instrument in my palette. You can't categorize or make parallels to Nicole's voice. It sounds like no one else. Oh yeah, she's also a damn good songwriter!" - Blake Neely


“Nicole’s voice is breathtaking, and she’s always upbeat and enthusiastic. I love the way she can add a touch of soulfulness or fun to a song. Working with Nicole is always a pleasure.” - Ernest Troost


“Nicole has the ability to get inside a song, draw you into it with her unique voice and take you along for an experience you won’t forget. Needless to say, she is one of my all-time favorite artists to work with.”- Ed Tree (Producer/Songwriter/Engineer)


Nicole Gordon is an appealing singer with a professional attitude. Although she has her own songs and style of singing, she is quick to pick up on outside material and takes guidance very well. One of my favorite people." - Johnny Lee Schell


"Nicole Gordon has such an amazing voice, attitude and spirit. Her singing has a special tone and quality I've been looking to add to my music for a while. Nicole is a total pro and very easy to work with in the studio. She'll try new ideas and take them to the next level. My only regret about Nicole is not working with her sooner." - Ted Wulfers


"Nicole Is not only a beautiful singer, but also a joy to work with in the studio. She brings great performances on the first take, but is sensitive enough to ask for direction in order to get the perfect blend of inspiration and purpose in the final take. Nicole digs deep within and gives a performance that not only nails the melody, but the emotion as well and that is the absolute best you can ask for in a vocalist." -Chris Karn


"I have hired Nicole quite a bit lately to sing harmony vocals for film soundtracks and albums I'm working on. I love working with her. She comes up with harmonies with ease and they are always great! She is on the top of my list to call." -Rich McCulley

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