Hey All!

I'm in the final stages of mixing the CD! I really am trying to release the CD before the holidays and will keep updating the site as it gets closer!

I have a great show coming up in 2013 -Sunday January 13 at McCabes Guitar Shop opening for Ernest Troost! If you own a copy of "All my change" Ernest wrote, "My baby loves me" & "Doubtin blues"! McCabes is an excellent Los Angeles music establishment playing host to many famous musicians like Jeff Buckley, Beck, T-Bone Burnett, Kathleen Edwards, Vince gill, Emmylou Harris and many many more! -I hope you'll check out the website (www.mccabes.com) and if you are in town, that you'll come support the show!

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  • May 31
    Zen den,  doylestown
  • Jun 2
    Ridgefield Library,  Ridgefield
  • Aug 31
    Zen Den,  doylestown
  • Sep 29
    zen den,  doylestown