Caught Up in a Kiss

Nicole Gordon
Nicole Gordon & Gary Burr


Caught up in a kiss

© Nicole Gordon & Gary Burr


I wasn’t looking or planning or wishing or waiting for you

Then out of the blue I’m sixteen again

And the things that I do don’t make any sense


Like smiling in my sleep

Whistling when I walk

Thinking about forever every time we talk



You make me remember what it feels like

To be caught up in a kiss, lost in happiness

You make me remember what it feels like

To be shaky in the knees, find it hard to breathe

And all of this sounds a little sweet somehow

But I am all about the sweet right now

You make me remember what it feels like falling in love


It’s like diving or swimming when you haven’t seen an ocean in years

But now that you’re here and I feel your touch

I didn’t know I was missing so much

Like running in the rain dancing in the dark

Losing my head and trusting my heart




I turned back the clock when I look in your eyes

It’s been such a long time since I felt butterflies




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