Both Hands

Nicole Gordon & Bill Hartley


Both Hands © nicole gordon & william hartley Don’t want to get swept away Don’t want to lose my way I know what fuels my fire I just need the steel and the tires And the right track for my life to drive this desire No I don’t want to be swept away CHORUS Both hands on the wheel I’m driving with Both hands on the wheel and it’s time I steal away So don’t you get too close ‘Cause I got a ways to go and don’t need another distraction I can’t spend my life getting lost Regretting how I veer off course with trivial interaction No I don’t want to be swept away CHORUS ‘Cause I’m not old but I am no longer young the road is there but the choice is mine I just stay on There’s this light too deep inside just to be tossed aside no it’s not red I know it’s green and I know what it means CHORUS

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